"Assa" by Sergei Solovyov

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"Assa" by Sergei Solovyov
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The Cinema Club online of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Brussels presents

Film by Sergei Solovyov




Starring : Tatyana Drubich, Stanislav Govorukhin, Viktor Tsoi, Sergei "Afrika" Bugaev

1987 * 145 minutes

OV with English subtitles

«Assa» is a Soviet film directed by Sergei Solovyov. It became a cult film mostly thanks to the fact that it was one of the films that brought Russian rock music from the underground into the mainstream. The film is set at a Black Sea resort Yalta in 1980 and centers upon a murderous con man who becomes involved with gangsters after he steals a rare violin. The crook's beautiful mistress accompanies him. Though she is totally in love with him, she befriends a charismatic punk rocker and finds herself attracted to him as well. The rocker falls for her and ends up finding himself drawn into her lover's world of crime. The gangster warns the punk to back off and leave his girlfriend alone, but the young rebel refuses to listen.

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