Exposition de photos "Exode russe: tragédie et grandeur de 1920-1922".

100th Anniversary of the “Russian Exodus”
Exposition de photos "Exode russe: tragédie et grandeur de 1920-1922".
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A large-scale historical, educational and commemorative project - a photography exhibition "The Russian Exodus: Tragedy and Greatness, 1920-1922".

Vernissage on November 25th at 19:00.

The exhibition will present unique archival documents, photos, as well as publications focusing on the two emblematic places of the exodus - Crimea and the Primoroye. The exhibition will also present photos, official orders, letters, reports, staff lists, logbooks, nautical charts from the beginning of the 20th century, diaries of the generals participating in the evacuation of Crimea, the portrait of the last commander of the Siberian fleet: Rear Admiral G.K. Stark, (with his autograph). You will be able to enjoy a rich selection of rare archival documents, and all this will give a clear picture of the dramatic events that took place then, as well as the fate of the protagonists of the exodus. The evacuation of Russian troops and refugees to Gallipoli, Lemnos, Bizerte and Shanghai are presented is very detailed. The exhibits were donated to the House of the Russians Abroad by Australia, Belgium, the United States, France, Switzerland, etc. Among these objects are documents from the collection of Alexander Plotto (France), a descendant of Russian naval officers. Alexander Plotto left Sevastopol as a child, carried away by the ships of the Russian squadron.

The exhibition team: experts from the House of Russians Abroad I.V. Domnin, I.Yu. Domnina, A.S. Kruchinin, N.A. Kuznetsov, A.A. Petrov, AV Marynyak, N.D. Egorov and I.N. Balabanova.

Artistic direction by I.Yu. Domnina.

Curator: A.S.Kruchinin.

Project manager: V.A.Moskvin.

House of Russians Abroad named after Alexander Solzhenitsyn in partnership with the Moscow Department of Culture.

Online and on the outdoor information stands of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Brussels

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