150th Anniversary of the Birth of Ivan Bunin and the 100th Anniversary of the “Russian Exodus”. “Sunstroke”

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150th Anniversary of the Birth of Ivan Bunin and the 100th Anniversary of the “Russian Exodus”. “Sunstroke”
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The Cinema Club online of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Brussels presents

On the 150th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Bunin and

the 100th anniversary of the Russian Exodus


Film by Nikita Mikhalkov


Genre: drama

Main roles: Mārtiņš Kalita, Viktoria Solovyova

2014 * 180 min.

OV with English subtitles

The film tells the story of the last days of the nameless captain of the defeated Wrangel army in the Filtration camp of the Red Army in November 1920. He is often haunted by the visions of an old, fleeting adultery of the past. At the same time, he asks himself: "Who is responsible for what happened to Russia? His suffering takes end when he and all the war prisoners of the camps are loaded on the hopper barge under the pretext of transporting them to Ochakov. After loading, the Reds towed the old ship and flood it.

Our expert: Alexandra Dementieva

Alexandra Dementieva is a multidisciplinary artist, who has lived and worked in Brussels for twenty years. Trained in journalism (Moscow) and Fine Arts (Moscow and Brussels), she oriented her artistic approach towards psychology, communication and sociology using new technologies. She is interested in the place of art in society, in the way it is perceived by the public. His work is inspired by very concrete situations, from the street, the museum and / or our daily lives. The context of the exhibition or the medium used here becomes the trigger for the work. The part of exchange, interactivity sought between the subject and the public. She is a lecturer at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts School of Arts. Her work has been exhibited internationally - Brazil, United States, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Italy, etc.

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