100th anniversary of the "Russian Exodus". Documentary "Anastasia. Angel of the Russian squadron"

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100th anniversary of the "Russian Exodus". Documentary "Anastasia. Angel of the Russian squadron"
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The Cinema Club online of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Brussels presents

On the 100th anniversary of the Russian Exodus


Documentary film by Viktor Lisakovich

"Anastasia. Angel of the Russian squadron"


Opening speech by Nikolay Sologubovsky, cameraman and scriptwriter.

2008 * 51 min.

OV with French subtitles

This films tells the unique and tragic story of Anastasia Manstein-Chirinsky, the last witness of the exodus of the Russian Imperial Squadron from Crimea in 1920. Together with the Russian ships, she arrived in Tunisia with her family. At that time she was 8 years old, but those events were clearly imprinted in her memory. Anastasia Aleksandrovna tells about the fates of Russian sailors and officers who found themselves in Tunisia at the time, with love and deep respect. While living all her life in the city of Bizerte (Tunisia), she has cherished Russian culture, language and remained a truly Russian woman, keeping Russia in her heart, even if she was far from her homeland.


"Nika" by the Russian Film Academy "For the Best Documentary 2008";

"Golden Centaur" at the XVIII International Film Festival "Message to Man", St. Petersburg (2008);

Grand Prize at the Window to Russia XXI Century Open Film Documentary Festival, Moscow (2008);

Special Prize at the XIV International Human Rights Film Festival "Stalker", Moscow (2008).


Nikolay Alekseevich Sologubovsky


Born on 31 August 1945 In 1970, he graduated from the Institute of Oriental Languages of Moscow State University, specialising in the Eastern world. In 1975, he graduated as a cameraman-photographer and internationalist from the National Institute of Cinematography. From 1975 to 1990, he worked as an international journalist at the News Agency in Guinea and Tunisia. He has been published in various Russian and foreign publications and has taken part in scientific expeditions to the Sahara Desert. He is also a member of the jury at the International Film Festival in Russia, Bulgaria, Tunisia and Ukraine. He is a full-time member of the Imperial Orthodox Society of Palestine.



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