“Krylov. Fable." Exhibition dedicated to the 250th Anniversary of Ivan Krylov

“Krylov. Fable." Exhibition dedicated to the 250th Anniversary of Ivan Krylov
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21, rue du Meridien - 1210 Bruxelles


The Manege Museum and Exhibition Association presents the “Krylov. Fable” project, conceived as a traveling exhibition for family and class visits. the purpose of this project is to promote the Russian language and Russian culture abroad. The targeted audience are Russians and Russian nationals living abroad as well as Russian-speaking citizens of foreign countries.

The exhibition "Krylov. Fable" provides information about the unusual life of the fabulist, about his contribution to the development of the Russian language, it also shows copies of different timelines and styles of illustrations for I.Krylov's fables by artists such as A.P. Sapozhnikov, G. I.Narbut, A.K.Zhaba, E.M. Rachev A.M. Laptev, G.E. Nikolsky and others, as well as images of the works of M. Miturich, made in the technique of "spatial graphics". Three touch-screens contain additional information about the historical connotations of fables and quizzes are offered to help visitors assessing the degree of their acquaintance with the fabulist's work. The exhibition will be full not only of information, but also emotional discoveries. The exposition includes many exciting interactive elements, and we will be happy to welcome students of both primary and high school, as well as adult visitors who love Russian literature and are interested in the history of Russia. On the “sidelines" of the exhibition a lecture about I.A. Krylov and the time in which he lived will be held, followed by a Q&A session.

The project is supported by the History of the Fatherland Foundation, the Russian Historical Society, the Russian Peace Foundation International Foundation, the Rossotrudnichestvo Federal Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise PTO Soyuzmultfilm Cinema Studio. The exhibition has already travelled out to Vienna, Prague, Wiesbaden and Paris. After Belgium, it is planned to travel out to Luxembourg and Strasbourg.

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