Margulis Jam Session in Belgium

Online Meeting with the Famous Musician and the Best Performances
Margulis Jam Session in Belgium
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"Kvartirnik" is an unusual format, captivating with its informality and lively creative atmosphere. Popular musicians come to visit Evgeny Margulis and perform their best songs and new compositions in chamber. An informal music show gives viewers the opportunity to see many unique acoustic concerts and get to know famous performers from an unexpected angle.

In Russian and French


Song program:

1. Evgeny Margulis and Mashina Vremeni - My Friend (The Best Blues Player)

2. Evgeny Margulis & friends - I'm Riding

3. THE HATTERS and Valery Syutkin - 7000 Above Ground

4. Larisa Dolina, Olga Kormukhina, Tina Kuznetsova, Alexey Belov feat. Steven Segal - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman

5. Alexandr Shoua and Ksana Sergienko - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

6. LOUNA and Larisa Dolina - The Wind of Change

7. Hibla Gerzmava and Animal Jazz - Nel blu di pinto di blu

8. Olga Kormukhina, Raghda Khanieva and MARUSYA folk band - Belfast

9. DDT - 2020

10. Nargiz, Record Orchestra, ZAINDIVELI band and City Pipes bagpipers - The Last Poem

11. Aria, Rita Dakota and Teona Dolnikova - America Is Behind

12. Noize MC - Voyager 1

13. Igor Rasteriaev - My Friend (The Best Blues Player)

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