International Exhibition "Bridge across continents"

International Competition of pastel artists "Pastelium" online
International Exhibition "Bridge across continents"
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International Exhibition "Bridge across continents", within the framework of the International Competition of pastel artists "Pastelium"

International Exhibition "Bridge across continents", within the framework of the International Competition of pastel artists "Pastelium" ( presents the works of pastel artists from Russia.

Online exhibition of finalists on the website October 23 - November 20, 2020

More about the project:

International competition of pastel painters "Pastelium" (

The International Pastel Artist Competition "PASTELIUM" was founded with the aim of promoting the art of dry pastels and nupastel around the world, opening up a broad view of several interpretations of this technique beyond any geographic boundary. The project aims to disseminate and exchange cultures among artists of all nationalities in order to help Russian talents gain new perspectives and additional opportunities to present their works in Russia and abroad.


1. Landscape; 2. Architecture; 3. Portrait; 4. Still life; 5. Fauna; 6. Flora; 7. Water essence; 8. Symbolic picture; 9. Thematic composition / Storytelling painting; 10. Experiments in pastels


The organizers are especially proud of the composition of the members of the Expert Council / jury, whose professional opinion will determine the best works that are presented for the competition. Among them: Jason Chang (Taiwan, Pastel Society of America); José del Riego (Spain, Pastel Society of Spain, ASPAS); Emanuela Terragnoli (Italy, Accademia d'Arte e Artigianato Artistico di Verona); Sergei Oussik (Russia); Alena Rachinger (Germany, Pastel Society of Germany); Anne Taylor (Australia, Pastel Society of Australia); Dolores Saul (Germany, Pastel Society of Germany); Helen C. Iaea (USA, Pastel Society of USA); Irina Orlova (Russia, National Union of Pastelists); Javad Soleimanpour (Turkey, Pastel Society of Turkey); Michelle Caussin-Bellon (France, Pastel Society of France); Pishuang Hsiao (Taiwan, Pastel Society of Taiwan); Susan E Roden (USA, Pastel Society of America).


All participants are published in the International Edition "PASTELium in the World".

Exhibition curator: Irina Orlova - pastel artist, laureate of numerous foreign prizes in the field of pastels, board member of the National Union of Pastelists, vice president of the Russian branch of the World Arts Fund.

Project producer: Fedor Filkov - Vice President of the International Association of Curators, President of the Russian branch of the World Fund of Arts, Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences.

Project organizer:

World Fund of Arts


Russian Center for Science and Culture in Brussels, International Union of Curators, Pastel Society of America, Pastel Society of Spain, ASPAS, Academia d’Arte e Artigianato Artistico di Verona, NextArt Global Art Agency. International Watercolor Society (IWS Global); Costa Rican Association of Visual Artists (ACAV); American Watercolor Society (AWS); Eurasian Art Union; NextArt Global Art Agency; Producer agency "Art-Commune". Fund "NextArt", International Union of Curators, National Association of Cultural Managers.

General partner in Moscow:


We are waiting for you at the celebration of pastel artists.

Organizing committee contacts: | E-mail: | Phone number: +7 495 1182221, +7 925 4338821

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