“An Ordinary Miracle”

Music and literature evening
“An Ordinary Miracle”
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"An Ordinary Miracle"


In cooperation with the RCSC, "The Nutcracker" musical school is launching a new series of concerts – “Creative Meetings".

In the first part of this project, the young composer Arielle Omelianenko will present her works.

We will also have the opportunity to talk with renowned cultural figures and find out their opinions on such questions as "What is music? ", "How does music affect our brain? ", "How does it help in education?", "What are the tasks of the Artist?", "What is "mysterious creation»?"

The first part will feature pieces written in different styles for different instruments (piano, guitar, flute, bassoon, harp, oboe, accordion, violin, electric instruments) and for a vocal quartet.

The second part of the concert is dedicated to music based on Christelle Dabos’ novel "The Mirror Visitor" (© Gallimard Jeunesse).

The meeting will be attended by:

Christelle Dabos, the world renowned Franco-Belgian writer, author of the novel The Mirror Visitor, and winner of the First Prize of the "Gallimard-jeunesse competition".

Othmane Moumen, lead actor of the "Théâtre Royal du Parc"

Maria and Alexander Pushkin, founders of the International Pushkin Foundation

Mikiyo Ikeda, Professor of Japanese Language and Calligraphy

Miriam Wallaert, French language and history professor, writer

With the participation of the quartet "Color-V" and students of the musical school "The Nutcracker": Gwendal Omelianenko, Louis Forestier, Raphael Forestier, Mariam Obeid, Shama Hebiz, Maya Debenat, Ricki Fu, Irina Gandea, Alix Sharat, Sygolène Sharat, Timothée Mesnard 

Presenters of the concert-conference:

Arielle Omelianenko

Elena Reznikova

Arielle Omelianenko (17 years old): studies at BICSchool (Brussels International Catholic School), observes and studies music since the age of three, plays on several instruments, has a colour-hearing ear, is passionate about harmonies and musical analytics, writes stores, poetry texts (mostly lyrics for her songs), and greatly enjoys drawing. Since her youngest years, she was singing her own melodies, but was persuaded, back then, that is was something absolutely everybody did for fun, and thus gave it no attention.

At the age of sixteen, Arielle started to feel the need to record her music and bring each one of her pieces to completion. She is interested in all genres and instruments, masters both classical music recording and modern computer music softwares. For each one of her works, inspiration comes to her through her various hobbies: books, movies, travel, nature, sport, and work of many other composers.

Elena Reznikova (pianist, vocalist): teacher at the musical school “The Nutcracker”. The entire pedagogical system of the school is based on the Russian system of music education and focuses on a maximum expansion of the cultural horizons of students and the development of creative thinking.

In Russian and French

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