Concert of the Youth Music School "Casse-noisette" (“Nutcracker”)

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Concert of the Youth Music School "Casse-noisette" (“Nutcracker”)
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Youth music school "Nutcracker" presents a semi-annual online-concert. Our students (the youngest is 4 years old) - pianists, singers, violinists, saxophonist and guitarists are to present a variety of perfomances from baroque music to jazz and even their own compositions.

The concert is made of three parts: 1) a piece of your choice, 2) Jazz 3) fragments from the musical “My Fair Lady”, a performance by the BICSchool.

The students are responsible for the musical part and will present to the wide audience on June 22nd, 2021 at the Odergem Cultural Center.

The Nutcracker ... This word is linked with Tchaikovsky's wonderful fairytale ballet. This is also the name of the music school, which gives music lessons based on Smirnova’s methodology (1994): pedagogy that gives preference to the individual development of each student.

This methodology gives the maximum development of all the potential of students, giving them the opportunity to feel the taste of different styles (classical music, jazz, music from films ...). Theoretical knowledge is taught based on the performed programme.  Students don’t attend solfeggio lessons. Following the methodology of learning a foreign language by the "immersion" method, the student immediately starts playing music, listening to professionals. Personal interest is the main engine of progress. From the very beginning, the student is invited to play his favorite melodies, in parallel with which the main components of musical art are worked out; later students begin to improvise and even compose their own music.

Students can combine, if they like, learning the instrument in parallel with the art of singing. Instrumentalists have the opportunity to quickly start ensemble play, participate in theatrical performances, or arrange small concerts in a small circle.

Established in 2006, the school continues to encourage the world's most talented students to enter the professional scene by participating in a wide variety of artistic projects.

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