“Rodchenko. Art revolutionary from Kazan"

“Rodchenko. Art revolutionary from Kazan"
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21, rue du Meridien - 1210 Bruxelles

The Russian revolution shocked and changed the world in the most radical way, including the world of art. Revolutionary aesthetics included slogans, posters, banners, visual agitation of “ROSTA Windows”, penetrated into the very depths of everyday culture.

The classic Russian avant-garde is a phenomenal thing of the beginning of the last century, covering all areas of art: from painting and architecture, design and printing to theater and music. And where do modern masters from all over the world now draw inspiration from, if not from the Russian avant-garde?

The inspiration in creating a new way of life for a new person was drawn from the works of Kandinsky, Rodchenko, and constructivists. Rodchenko’s work had a huge impact on modern design: painting, photography, architecture, posters, sculpture, interiors - this is an incomplete list of areas that Rodchenko was engaged in.

The exhibition-performance is a rethinking of the ideas of the great revolutionary from art in modern Russia. This is a public art project, which is a symbiosis of the most active and popular forms of art of the 21st century that a person encounters daily: fashion, photography, architecture, music, theater, cinema.

The exhibition space features themed art installations corresponding to different types of art:

- fashion;

- photo;

- video;

- music.                                                                                                                                          

A single concept of visualization of the exhibition space gives a complete picture of the role of Rodchenko in the development of art of the early twentieth century and the international demand for his ideas in modern times.

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