«Novel about romance» Solo concert by Anastasya Lyaskanova

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«Novel about romance» Solo concert by Anastasya Lyaskanova
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«Novel about romance»

The concert program Romance about Romance is a retrospective of the Russian romance, ranging from the origins of the folk love song and the classical romance to the Soviet and contemporary romances.

The link from the 19th to the 21st century has been drawn most elegantly and with much taste, following the traditions and intonations of the time. Anastasya’s soft and enchanting voice tones make the familiar pieces of music filled with a new sense, thus making them closer and more comprehensive to the contemporary audience.

Accompanied by a duo of the remarkable virtuoso musicians, who are prize winners of Russian and international competitions:

- Oleg Gubanov (piano);

- Dmitriy Koltakov (guitar).

Anastasya Lyaskanova is a Russian singer, prize winner at International and All-Russian vocalists competitions, has been  following  the vocal traditions of the most outstanding Russian singers, such as Nadezhda Plevitskaya, Alexandra Strelchenko, Izabella Urieva, and Maria Pahomenko. She is distinguished by her individual performing style,  a  clear and direct voice tone, sincerity and a high level of artistic performance.

Anastasya has been successfully cooperating with the Russian leading orchestras and musicians, since 2019 she has been working with the Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments named after N. Nekrasov of All-Russian State TV and Radio Company.


1.       Romance about Romance Music by A. Petrov, Lyrics by B. Akhmadulina

2.      Quickly, Quickly, from my Cheeks, the Powder off, Edited by S. Rakhmaninov

3.      The Little Splinter (from the repertoire of Nadezhda Plevitskaya)

4.      The Little Gate Music by A. Obukhov, Lyrics by Budnishchev

5.      The Spars in the Sky Music by V. Borisov, Lyrics by E. Diterichs

6.      Coachman, Don’t Drive the Horses Music by Ya. Feldman, Lyrics by N. Ritter

7.      Dear Music by E. Valdteifel, Lyrics by an unknown author

8.      Don’t Lie to Me Music by A. Dubuk, Lyrics by Heinrich Heine

9.      But I know, You love another Music by S. Charskiy, Lyrics by V. Myatleva

10.    Gold Turquoise  Rings Music and lyrics by an unknown author,

11.     Capricious, Stubborn Music and lyrics by A. Karchevskiy,

12.     All that was Music by D. Pokrass, Lyrics by P. German

13.     I can’t help loving you Music by M. Pavlov, Lyrics by A. Akhmatova

14.     The Long Road Music by B. Fomin, Lyrics by K. Podrevskiy

15.     Hey there, Troika! Music and verses by M. Shteinberg

16.     Boring and sad to me, the girl Music and lyrics by an unknown author

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