The Language School of the Russian Centre in Brussels goes online - new Russian Language Groups open

The Language School of the Russian Centre in Brussels goes online - new Russian Language Groups open
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A new group of intensive study of the Russian language of the A2 level has opened in the language school at the Russian Centre in Brussels.

In the first lesson, students learned that in Russian there is one verb, but two words. For example, делать – сделать, открывать – открыть, говорить – сказать. One of the words is a process, and the other is a result. “Loving” is always a process: “he used to love to play football, but now he loves to watch football.” That is, in this case, we can’t talk about the result.

Next, we will talk about what you can and cannot do in quarantine. And the discussion will continue on the form of the verb, but in the future tense.

The Internet now has a huge variety of materials that tell you how many interesting things can be done during the period of lockdown measures, when we all - forced or voluntary - are at home. This is not surprising - apparently, the coronavirus will not recede a few more weeks. We will make our contribution!

Free time can be spent with great benefit - to learn Russian. And for those who want to achieve results as soon as possible, our intensive courses work just right.

With their help, you can quickly develop the practical skills necessary for communication in the Russian-speaking environment. Studying basic grammar and vocabulary replenishment is combined with intensive conversational practice. Reading and writing elements are included in the course as well.

We have groups of different levels, starting from A1. We offer 2 classes of 3 academic hours per week. All groups are engaged in their schedule online, without leaving home. When the restrictive measures are over, students and teachers will return to their desks in our language school.

You will find more detailed information on our website. To sign up, write us an email at

See you!

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