“Modern icon of Yaroslavl. Rebirth of Tradition”

Online Icon Exhibition
“Modern icon of Yaroslavl. Rebirth of Tradition”
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“Modern Yaroslavian icon. Revival of The Traditions”

Online Icon Exhibition

Icons that the Kalinin Icon studio has been making for more than twenty years are to be exhibited . They were created in collaboration by Alexander and Olga Kalinin, and their children, Vera and Arsenius, for exhibitions and festivals dedicated to Russian culture and art. Some of the icons were also made for the restoration of iconostases of churches and temples that had been damaged during the long period of destruction of religious buildings that took place in the USSR.

Alexandre and Olga, art teachers by profession, agreed to take part in this project in artels, and then worked independently. In order to master all the stages of iconography, they relied on the techniques of the Yaroslav Icon School, gradually recovering the traditions of the ancient masters, discussing with art restorers, art historians and visiting museums and temples that had been preserved.

Representations of saints of the Russian Orthodox Church are to be exhibited. Several pieces of Icons of the Great Feasts such as "The Nativity of Christ", "Intercession", "The Holy Trinity"; representations of the Virgin Mary: "Our Lady of Vladimir", "Our Lady of Yaroslav", "Mother of God Mount Nerukosechnaya", as well as many other iconographic subjects are presented at the exhibition . The artists of the Kalinin Icon Workshop create their works respecting the canon, but each new icon is a unique work.  


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