"Virtual Bridge across Continents". International Exhibition-Competition of Watercolor Art "Aquarelleum"

In cooperation with the World Arts Fund
"Virtual Bridge across Continents". International Exhibition-Competition of Watercolor Art "Aquarelleum"
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"Virtual Bridge across Continents". International Exhibition-Competition of Watercolor Art "Watercolorium"

Theme of the contest: "Virtual bridge across the continents."

122 works of watercolor art by artists from Russia and several foreign authors from Europe and Asia are presented to the jury and for the audience.

If viewers want to take part in the voting, they must fill out a short questionnaire: https://watercolorium.com/index.php/en/anketa

The special pride of the competition is the composition of the members of the Expert Council / jury. The Expert Council includes a whole bunch of worlds famous watercolor artists and leaders of international communities of watercolor painters.

Among the jury members:

Alfred Freddy Krupa (Croatia), Andrew Smith (UK), AyşınKeskiner (Turkey), Chiayee Lam (USA), Cuauhtémoc Velázquez (Spain), Dadasheva Olga (Luxembourg), Edwin Ayala (El Salvador), Ginette Wang (New Zealand), Hongge Zhang (Latvia, China), IngemarNyström (Sweden), Jan Min (Netherlands), Jansen Chow (Malaysia), LjubisaPenev (Serbia), Maria Semenova (Russia), MirzoyevKhasay (Azerbaijan), Munkhbaatar.S (Mogolia) , Rahul Deshpande (India), Silvia Monge (Costa Rica), Vikrant Shitole (India), YuliiaKochetova (Poland).

The presented works should be written in watercolor, purely or with a small retouching tempera or other means (for example, masking liquid, ink), which do not change the nature of the picture made with water.

The WATERCOLORium International Watercolor Art Contest (www.watercolorium.com) was established by the World Fund of Arts and the International Union of Curators with the aim of promoting watercolor art throughout the world, revealing a wide view of several interpretations of this painting technique beyond any geographical boundary. The project is aimed at spreading and creative exchange among watercolorists of all nationalities to help talented people get new perspectives and additional opportunities.

Curator of the exhibition: Maria Semyonova - watercolor artist, Doctor of Pedagogy, Associate Professor, Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Sciences

of Pedagogical Education, Chairman of the Graphics Section of the MOOO “Union of Artists”.

Project producer: Fedor Filkov - Vice President of the International Association of Curators, President of the Russian Branch of the World Fund of Arts, Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences.

Organizer: World Fund of Arts

Partners: Russian Center for Science and Culture in Brussels, International Society of Watercolorists; Eurasian Art Union; NextArt Global Art Agency; Producer agency "Art-Commune".

Information partner: International magazine "Treasures of the watercolor masters".

Project website: www.watercolorium.com

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