Brussels welcomed Margulis

This was the first collaboration with Rossotrudnichestvo
Brussels welcomed Margulis

On January 25 - Tatiana Day - the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Brussels became as Russian as it gets. Evgeny Margulis held his famous "Kvartirnik" (Jam Session), becoming a kind of "Voice of Russia" in Europe. But the musician himself wasn't thinking about this; he was much more concerned with the question of format compatibility.

"This was my first experience with Rossotrudnichestvo," Margulis said. - I was more concerned about the fact that I do not feel an audience, after all, "Kvartirnik" is not an online format. It requires at least a dozen eyes watching you and reacting somehow. "To feel it by looking into the camera is impossible."

"Kvartirnik is an absolutely Russian phenomenon. Margulis himself explained why. According to him, in Soviet times there was a completely different kind of music on radio and television. And those who wrote "songs about life" did not fit the format. So such chamber concerts were held at the homes of people who had large flats. The creative intelligentsia would gather there and it was in such circles that one could hear for the first time the performers who would later become world-famous.

Opening the meeting, Vera Bunina, head of the Russian Centre, noted that it was decided to hold it on the eve of Tatiana Day.

"Why do we celebrate Tatiana Day? Firstly, it is the end of a long series of New Year holidays. January 25 is a good date to draw a line, to make a finale with a great concert. January 25th is also Student's Day in Russia. Not everyone in Europe knows about this tradition," Bunina said.

Another guest star at the online "Kvartirnik" in Brussels was Vadim Glusker, journalist and NTV European reporter.

"Perhaps we will continue to work with Rossotrudnichestvo," Evgeny Margulis said in his blitz interview after the event. - If the conditions offered are adequate, why not? One thing I've understood for sure is that "Kvartirnik" isn’t an online story”.

The famous artist did not specify if this means that we can expect him to appear with a guitar in one of the Russian cultural centres.


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