The Russian 'Physics Lounge' in Belgium

and the opening of an exhibition about Lev Landau
The Russian 'Physics Lounge' in Belgium

On 11 February, the online platform of the Russian Centre hosted a meeting with young physicists and scientists from Moscow State Pedagogical University and project “Physics Lounge”, who prepared informative videos about Lev Davidovich Landau's work and presented fascinating experiments.

The meeting took place within the framework of the opening of the exhibition "The Formula for Happiness of Academician Lev Landau", dedicated to the life and scientific path of Lev Landau, Nobel Laureate and author of the theory of happiness.

The event was opened by Vera BUNINA, Director of the Russian Centre. She welcomed the participants and emphasised that 2021 was the Year of Science and Technology in Russia, and reminded that the event was timed to coincide with Russian Science Day, which is celebrated in Russia on February 8.

"The Physicsl Lounge" is an educational project, the result of the educational activities of a team of physicists from the Moscow Pedagogical State University. Finalists of the All-Russian award "For Fidelity to Science" in the nomination "CLASS Science" (3rd degree diploma, 2019). Teplyakova Ksenia, director of the Centre for Social Initiatives at Moscow State Pedagogical University, is the leader of the Physics Lounge project.

The meeting was attended by young physics scientists: Ahn Pavel - researcher of the Laboratory of Quantum Detectors at IPTIS MPSU, Efremova Ekaterina - leading specialist of the Centre for Social Initiatives at MPSU, Elmanov Ilya, Elmanova Anna, Svyatodukh Sergey, Venediktov Ilia, Soldatenkova Maria, Triznova Alexandra, Kuzin Alexey, Budzinskaya Anastasia - junior researchers of the Laboratory of Quantum Detectors at IPTIS MPSU.

Lev Landau (simply Dau to his friends), a brilliant Soviet theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize winner, is one of the outstanding personalities of the 20th century. He was interested in everything from the structure of the atomic nucleus to raising children. Landau left behind a multitude of achievements, including multi-volume scientific works in physics, hundreds of aphorisms and his famous theory of happiness.

A recording of the meeting is here

The exhibition is here


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