Tyumen awaits foreign students

The Industrial University of Tyumen presented its programmes in English and Russian
Tyumen awaits foreign students

On 11 February 2021, the Russian Centre for culture and sciences in Brussels organised an online meeting as part of its project “Russian Education Explained”. Oksana Platonova, Head of the Department of Recruitment and Support for Foreign Students of the Industrial University of Tyumen, presented the programmes that the University offers to foreign students. The University offers programmes in Russian and English to foreign students.

The University of Tyumen was founded in 1956 and is one of the most important engineering universities in Russia. The University has 27 000 students, including 1 400 foreign students. The University offers 44 bachelor’s degree programmes and 45 master’s degree programmes in engineering, in the field of oil industry, in chemistry, etc. The University of Tyumen has four master’s programmes in English: offshore drilling, geo-steering, logistics and supply chain management and PR and advertising. 

The University also has 14 research laboratories and 8 institutes.                                                                       

 The University of Tyumen offers Russian language courses, which last six months or one year. Students can also take these courses online.

Foreign students are very well welcomed at the University. An employee from the University awaits each student at the airport or at the station and helps him or her settle in.

Students can stay in one of the 14 dormitories of the Tyumen University, in room for two or three people, for the price of 10$ to 25$ per month.

Not only does the University of Tyumen offer courses, but it also offers all kinds of activities. Students can join sport clubs, danse clubs or singing clubs. The InterClub (The International Club) brings together students from all over the world. “Generation Without Borders”, the international youth and student’s festival, takes place every year in May. Students of the University of Tyumen can practise all kinds of sport: hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, boxing, judo, etc. The University of Tyumen also has a sports complex, “Zodchi”, where there is a swimming pool.

The Tyumen region is rich in oil and gaz. Tyumen is a multicultural city, although its population is relatively small. The city is also known for its high standard of living.

The University of Tyumen has also concluded agreements with Russian and international companies, where their students can do internship or work.

In this period of pandemic, the University organises online courses on its platform. The professors are in constant contact with their students. From the second semester, the students who are in Tyumen can follow classes at the University, while those who are not in Russia can follow live courses on the University’s platform.


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