Application for an event

Technical requirement for posting information about an approved event on the website:

  1. The name of the event in Russian, English and French (The name should be clear, concise, reflect the essence of the event and its format. Example, "Sound of Music" a reporting concert of students of a music school);
  2. Dates of the event and time (indication of the duration of the event);
  3. Name of the creative team / performer (Russian, English, French), indicating the team leader, brief description, resume (up to 100 words);
  4. Translation of the names of speakers in the framework of the program into foreign languages ​​(English, French);
  5. Description of the event, plot (up to 200 words);
  6. Indication of the language of the event;
  7.  A photo for a poster (in good resolution and good quality);
  8. Logo of the creative team / artist, if any;
  9. Program of the event (titles of works).


DEADLINE FOR PROVISION OF THE INFORMATION: 45 days before the date of the event

Photo requirements for posters: image format jpg or png, Full HD resolution, 1080 pixels on the short side.