Language School Online

Language School Online
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Dear friends!


Coronavirus is spreading across Europe, the Belgian authorities are taking the necessary measures to combat its spread. The Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Brussels was forced to close its doors for visitors...

However, Russian lessons are given! Magic? No! High technology. Classes are given on the Internet. From this week on, groups of all levels will continue to study at the same time, but online.

In some ways, it's even more practical: you don't have to hurry to get to your lessons, waste time on the road, think about parking your car... Modern platforms for organizing videoconferences allow you to fully organize the educational process and not to lose its quality.

Some technical problems have already been overcome and the students are satisfied! Thanks to this, you will not have to stop your lessons during quarantine!

By the way, the group learning French from scratch continues its work as well!

You want to try? Join us now! To do this, simply write us an e-mail at

See you soon!