Russian Centre in Brussels-online: Russian for children. Interesting and not boring

Russian Centre in Brussels-online: Russian for children. Interesting and not boring
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A child who grows abroad does not know Russian as a native speaker. This happens even if his parents tend to speak Russian at home. At the same time, children often refuse to learn the Russian language, they find it uninteresting, difficult and boring. And relatives often fail to interest them.

Therefore, we want to share with you several ideas on how to interest children and help them learn Russian.

A large portal for children and adolescents studying the Russian language was created by the State Pushkin Institute of the Russian Language. It is primarily focused on supporting Russian-language schools abroad. The portal is addressed to everyone who wants to teach or learn the Russian language, that is, parents, teachers and, of course, children from 5 to 15 years old. The educational Russian-language space contains a wide range of educational interactive multimedia content for individual and collective studies of the Russian language at school and at home. The content is divided into categories, including grammar, reading and listening.

Repetition is the mother of learning. Therefore, you can’t do without exercises in learning the Russian language. But who said that they cannot be interesting? On the URYA! portal you will find visual materials on a wide variety of topics - from differentiation of sounds to tongue twisters. We would also like to point out the collection of idioms. Here you will learn, for example, what the expressions “tough nut” and “start off on the wrong foot” mean.

Well, the most fun is to learn by playing. Therefore, another recommendation is a poem game. The task is simple - complete the poem. But the rhyme option is not always correct! You can find the game here:

We will continue to talk about the most important and interesting ways to spend time with benefit and learn the Russian language and we will separately talk about games.

In addition, groups for teenagers will be created in our language school in the new school year! So we are waiting for everyone!

And if you are already 18 years old - there is no reason to postpone the enrolment in courses, as we continue classes online, and we even open new groups. To do this, just write us an email at

You will find all the details on our website.