Learn by singing!

The Russian Centre in Brussels tells how to quickly and easily master Russian with songs
Learn by singing!
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Dear friends!

April 13 is the International Rock N' Roll Day. This fast, active and life-affirming musical direction arose in the mid-twentieth century in the United States, and today there is hardly anyone who has not heard of it.

Interestingly, the main historical event associated with this holiday occurred a day earlier - April 12th. It was April 12, 1954 that Bill Haley recorded the single "Rock Around the Clock". The composition almost instantly became popular among young people who, following the musicians, sang the chorus: "We're gonna rock, rock, rock, 'till broad daylight, We're gonna rock around the clock tonight..."

On this wonderful day, we decided to tell how music can help in learning the Russian language. And we even recorded a cover of the famous song “Gorod” (“The City”) of the band “Tantsy Minus” to show how beautiful and melodic the Russian language is, if there is someone who does not know this yet. By the way, the vocal part was performed by the current teacher of our language school Daria, you can enroll in her group! Take a look! You can turn on the subtitles to see the text, and feel free to sing along!



In general, the inclusion of songs in classes in the Russian language is not only pleasant, but also useful: new vocabulary is easier to remember, pronunciation skills are formed more quickly. Surely many people themselves notice: the rhymed and rhythmic information lives on longer: even after many years, memorized lines of songs from childhood are easily reproduced - not even in their native language. Conclusion: do you want to know a foreign language better? Sing on it!

In the new academic year, a special group will be createrd in the language school of the Russian Centre, which will be engaged in singing! Follow the announcements on our website!

In the meantime, some tips for self-training. Visit the website of Moscow University. There is a special page where songs with grammar and lexical material are collected, so that it is easier to understand: http://www.philol.msu.ru/~elvigus/Pesni/pesni.html

And there is a whole project “Russian language in songs” http://www.rusongs.vsu.ru/index.html. Here you will find materials specially created for studying Russian as a foreign language (dictionaries, comments, audio, grammar and lexical tests, translations, listening with sound synchronization, recording your own performance).

And, of course, books! For example, "Russian rock and Russian grammar." You can read this publication on the LitRes portal. The best part is that everyone who is registered in the library of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Brussels does it for free! Not a reader yet? Sign up now!