Acting as a key to communication

Acting as a key to communication
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The masterclass based on exercises for students of acting schools. We are going to work with voice, body, and soul.

  • Introduction. - All the world’s a stage… - Is theatre that far from reality as we use to think? Acting in daily life.
  • The simple way to create drama.
  • Creativity is a key to communication.


Olga Markina

Actress, stage director, journalist, Belgium – Russia

Olga Markina graduated from one of the most famous theatre schools in Moscow – RATI-GITIS (Russian Institute of Theatre Arts). She used to work as an actress in theatre and cinema in Russia. After moving to Belgium, she began cooperation with a Russian theatre Antwerpriza (Antwerpen) as a stage director. Two big plays are in her portfolio now: a tragicomedy «How’s the Bald Soprano?» based on Eugene Ionesco’s «The Bald Soprano», a love comedy «The Mistress of the Inn», based on the play by Carlo Goldoni, as well as several performances for children.

In 2017th, she was in the movie Kursk by Thomas Vinterberg.

In 2018th, she participated in a workshop by Jan Fabre teaching group in Antwerpen.

Olga Markina is directing an opera «Don Giovanni» by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in cooperation with Triomphe de l’Art asbl. The premiere of the performance is going to be on December 15 in CC De Factorij in Zaventem.

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