Что бы ты ни делал — ты делаешь себя!

Что бы ты ни делал — ты делаешь себя!
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Have you ever tried to solve Rubic's cube in the water? Have you seen huge cardboard robots-marionettes  or real pictures made of office stickers? In Russia we've found young people  who like doing such unusual things. We'll  watch their video blogs and find out more about it.

During our interactive lesson we'll tell you what people living on the Far North or in a tiny Ural village like to do and what Moscovites and Petersburgers are interested in. And we  hope you'll  tell us about Belgians' hobbies and interests.

Everyone will have an opportunity to play the traditional Russian musical instruments  (the rattle, the whistle and the wooden spoons), to hold the Bogorodsk wooden toy Muzhik and Medved and the Dymkovo doll, to try on the kokoshnik and to do the round-dance (horovod). Of course, we'll sing together! And we also  prepared an interactive game about interests.

By the way, do you think that all hobbies are good for a person? We'll go to an Internet-forum and see which of kids'  hobbies mums consider to be useless or even dangerous. For sure you'd like to add a few comments! And who knows, probably your advice will help someone?


Ekaterina Stoletova works at the Moscow State Linguistic University as a teacher of Russian for foreigners. Her experience in this sphere is 19 years. PhD, docent. Scientific interests are semantics, pragmatics and methodology. The author of several special courses.

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