Fashion as antistress. Why all this beauty

Fashion as antistress. Why all this beauty
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21, rue du Meridien - 1210 Bruxelles

The louder the crowd at the Palace gates, the higher the ships and flower beds on the head of Marie Antoinette. During the American crisis of the 20s, sequins, rhinestones, brilliant jazz "helped" to burn through life. An interactive lecture on what challenges fashion and decor faced at different times and what is happening today! At the meeting it will be possible to see couture work on the example of dresses of Studio.


Tatyana Kochnova, fashion designer.


Born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1988.

In 2013 finished the University, Department of costume design.

since 2010 she has worked in Fashion houses of St. Petersburg. 

In 2013, she created her own design studio of Wedding and evening dresses. 

For 6 years of work of Studio, the dresses created individually for brides went to the owners to 22 countries of the world.

The main love of the Studio is natural materials, English silks, French and Italian lace, pearls, the most beautiful handmade techniques from Russian and European history.

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