О чувствах в цифровом формате. Русский язык за час

О чувствах в цифровом формате. Русский язык за час
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There are simple words that help to share joy or support each other in difficult times. Some phrases are easy to remember. You will recognize them from a very short, but emotionally intense film. Those who have begun to learn Russian recently, will be able to follow the dialogue on handouts with translation. Those who already speak a little Russian can discuss the issues raised in the film. You can check the knowledge gained at the lesson by participating in the quiz using your mobile phones.


Olga Yevtushenko is a professor at Moscow State Linguistic University, DPhil, a teacher with 30 years of experience, the author of the methodology for improving the translation language used by Russian-speaking translators at the UN, and a specialist in the language of Russian fiction.

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