Singing in Russian

Singing in Russian
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Maestro Andrey Shevchuk, opera-symphony and choral conductor, graduated of the St. Petersburg Chapel and St. Petersburg Conservatory, music director of opera festivals in France and conductor of French theaters, with choral conducting experience in Europe of more than 25 years, offers you to take part in the choral master class "We sing in Russian".

With maestro's accompaniment, you will learn how to prepare your voice for singing according to the classical Russian choral technique, feel and understand how to better use your voice and apply singing techniques in order to improve your voice use in future.

During the master class you will learn two Russian songs that are well known all over the world and you’ll take part in the final concert of the Forum.

You don't have to speak Russian in order to participate - you'll get lyrics with Latin pronunciation. Those who are familiar with music sheets will get the copies of arrangements by Maestro, but it’s not mandatory to be familiar with the music and music notes.

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